Let’s save some gas!!

As the national average for gas hovers around the $4 a gallon mark we all  are in search of ways to increase our MPG. A few simple tricks can really add up to saving gas and saving money. And who couldn’t use a little extra cash?

Drivers Slow Down Your Engines

We all have a little of the racecar driver in us. But when we resist that urge to accelerate quickly we save gas. Fast acceleration causes your car to work much harder thus burning more gas. And with that goes driving the speed limit. Maintaining a constant speed at or even slightly below the speed limit will yield significant results. It all goes back to making your car work less. And besides no one likes those pesky speeding tickets.

Be a Neat Freak

Every driver has been guilty of tossing things in the trunk of the car to put away later. Sometimes later is a long time away and that will unknowingly cost you at the pump. Keep only necessary items in the car like your spare and any emergency items you need. But remove anything else that’s not needed. Every little bit counts.

It’s Time For a Checkup

Proper maintenance goes a long way in improving your MPG. Proper tire pressure not only improves your mileage but makes for a smoother and safer ride. Check your car’s requirements for the correct amount needed. Oil changes along with filter changes are also crucial. Dirty oil and air filters make the engine work much harder robbing you of mileage.

Trying these few simple tips will yield noticeable results. Enjoy your extra MPG and your savings.

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