you’ve saved gas. Now what?

So you’ve made some changes in your driving habits or better yet upgraded to a more gas efficient vehicle. Now what? You enjoy the savings! You not only help the environment but you can see dramatic cash savings as well. And we all like extra money. If you figure that your average savings a month with a more gas efficient vehicle can be as high as $250 or more a month you will see that will quickly add up. If you look at what you can use the savings on it will really make sense:

  1. Partial or total car payment.
  2. Covering gas costs for the month.
  3. Back to school supplies.
  4. A daytrip with the family.
  5. A few months of saving and you can get that new big screen you’ve been wanting.

When you look at it this way you will see it is not only is a matter of gas conservation and doing your part to help the environment but it’s also a matter of dollars and cents and your bottom line. Use our handy calculator to help figure your savings. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Enjoy those savings and have a great weekend!

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