Back In The Good Old Days

Almost Time For a Little 2/40 Air Conditioning

With the temperatures in the triple digits across much of the country this tip may not work right now but it’s good to keep in mind for those cooler days that are just around the corner. When I was a kid nothing made me happier than going most anywhere with my grandfather in his pickup. He used to roll down the windows and say that it was “time for 2/40 air conditioning”. He explained that it was two windows down at forty miles an hour. Even though that was years ago and it was meant as a joke to amuse a kid he was onto something. If you do much of your driving at lower speeds and the weather is nice try rolling down the windows or opening the sunroof and enjoying the outdoors. Not only will you save MPG and money at the pump but you will get the added benefit of fresh air. Keep in mind that this method won’t really be effective on the highway where higher speeds and more resistance can pose a problem. But if you drive with the windows down in town you can afford to run your air conditioning on the highway. Just be sure to keep a comb handy for those windy days and the overalls my grandfather wore are definitely optional.

Walk Your Way to More MPG and a Healthier You

This is not a popular opinion to have on a car website I’m sure but it does save MPG and your hard earned cash. Our family in fortunate enough to live close enough to the kids’ school that we can walk to and from on all the days that the weather cooperates. It turns out to be only about a mile each way and the kids enjoy visiting with friends along the way and the dog enjoys the extra attention from all the neighborhood kids. That simple change has saved us about $220 a year at about 30 miles a gallon. And those savings come just from not driving to school every day. And the bonus is we all get the extra exercise that we all could use more of. If you make simple changes like walking to destinations in the neighbor your savings could really add up too. And who knows you might lose a few pounds as well.

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