My Car Says Premium Only. Can I Still Save Any Money?

Is Premium Gas Worth the Extra Cash?

Even though gas prices have dropped slightly we still are in search of any way possible to save a bit of cash. And many of us drive cars that make have higher performance engines that say they need premium grade gasoline instead of regular. So what can we do to get a break? We can use regular grade gasoline. The recommendation in car owner’s manuals for the driver to use premium is in regard to engine performance. But using regular grade gasoline can save you as much as twenty cents a gallon while only giving up at maximum five percent performance from your engine. It’s a sacrifice so slight you won’t even notice it.

So in Dollars and Cents This Means What?

If you take into account that the price difference between the regular grade gasoline and the ultra premium grade is as much as twenty cents a gallon you will already see a savings the first time you fill up. That will add up to four dollars a fill up. If you fill up four times a month that comes out to sixteen dollars a month just by switching to regular grade gasoline. Those savings can add up to one hundred and ninety-two dollars a year. That may not sound like a lot but combining this with other gas saving tips can really make a difference in your gas consumption as well as your wallet.

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