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Consolidate Your Errands To Save Gas

August 12, 2008

This is Also Known as “Does Anyone Need Anything While I’m Out?”

The old saying that “you shouldn’t put off until tomorrow what could be done today” can be tossed out the window when it comes to driving and running errands. If you have an errand that has to be done on a certain day and several others that can be done whenever you choose try doing them all on one trip with the scheduled errand. This will allow you to free up more time by taking only one trip. Plot out your course ahead of time to avoid back tracking and making unnecessary turns which will burn extra gas. Make sure you have the correct address and current phone number in case you get lost. You can burn a lot of extra fuel just driving around lost. And when you get there park in the first available parking spot. You can save gas by not driving around and around the parking lot hoping for an empty space by the door. The bonus is you will feel an extra sense of accomplishment by getting all of your errands done in one trip and with the savings in gas you can enjoy one of those fancy coffee drinks. And while you’re at it, treat yourself to the whipped cream on top. A little procrastination can really pay off.

How To Have a MPG Friendly Road Trip

August 11, 2008

Leave the Chrome at Home

Many of us love the fancy sport rims complete with the big wide tread tires but they can sadly be a MPG killer. When you change to these from your factory stock tires and rims it’s a good idea to keep the factory ones in your garage if you take any long road trips. When it’s time for your trip your car can have the tires changed very inexpensively or even free at many tire shops. This change in your cars’ apparel will yield a smoother ride with a higher MPG rating.

Set the Car to Cruise

Cruise control is a real MPG saver. It prevents you from accelerating above the speed you select which means you can travel down the road without worrying so much about the MPG you are losing. We know they uneven acceleration can burn gas at a higher rate but uneven pressure on the gas pedal can do it too. And setting your cruise control to the speed limit or just below keeps you out of hot water with the local highway patrol.

Hang With the Big Rigs

If you drive in stop and go traffic or get caught in a traffic jams a lot this tip will save you big time. The next time you are caught in traffic watch the cars around you closely. You will have the stop and go speed demons who race to consume what little space becomes available. But if you turn your attention to the far right hand lane, or the so called “slow lane” you will see the enlightened drivers who know a secret. You will see that lane full of big rigs as well as drivers saving MPG. What’s the secret? They don’t burn extra gas by rapidly starting and stopping every time the traffic moves. Semi drivers have to be extra careful with the rate at which they accelerate. It takes a lot longer for them to gain speed and it also takes a lot longer distance for them to come to a stop. Truck drivers are much more inclined to roll along in heavy traffic. You can take your cue from them and roll along in traffic congestion. Your trip really won’t take any longer and you will enjoy the savings.

Driving Green and Adding MPG

August 6, 2008

Going Green Behind the Wheel

We have all heard about making everyday lifestyle changes to make our lives more green and Earth friendly. So going green or at least making changes to help offset our carbon footprint seems like a natural choice. You may be asking yourself “Do I have to ride the bus everyday or drive some funny looking car that resembles a golf cart more than an actual car?”. The answer of course is no. Increasing your MPG makes an enormous impact on the amount of greenhouse gas your vehicle emits. You in turn save money and you don’t have to give up your sense of style either. It’s a real win-win situation.

Will Driving Green Make a Difference? Yes!

If you compare the amount of greenhouse gas between vehicles you will be amazed at the difference. In this example a popular 2008 4WD SUV was used. If that SUV is driven 15,000 miles a year it will emit approximately 19,800 pounds of greenhouse gas every year. If you take into account that the average driver drives 50 miles a day everyday that number could increase to as much as 16,800 pounds of greenhouse gas every year! That’s quite an impact. If you drive a 2008 Hybrid Honda Civic Sedan those same 15,000 miles a year it will emit only 6,600 pounds of greenhouse gas a year. That’s a difference of a at least 13,200 pounds of greenhouse gas a year!