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June 26, 2008

Have you heard about those wackos calling themselves “Hyper-milers”? They try to do things like not break at lights (they roll to a stop or downshift), take alternate routes to get in more downhills (don’t you have to go back up on the way back?)


Anyway, here’s something that might make some sense. It’s called a scan gauge. From


Consider installing a scan gauge, a digital display which tells you your fuel usage every second. They cost about $150. It doesn’t change the fuel economy, it changes how you drive the vehicle to improve mileage.


Now personally, I have a fairly new Civic Coupe (which gets 36 mpg), so I’m not sure I want to muck up my interior when I already get pretty good MPG, but just giving you the info…

Natural Gas Vehicles

June 26, 2008

My girlfriend is thinking about getting one of those natural gas Hondas and I’ve gotta be honest – I’m not sure I’m crazy about her tooling down the highway with the equivalent of a bunch of propane tanks duct tapes to the trunk. So I decided to look into it, and here what I found: the Civic NGV (Natural Gas Vehicle) gets 36 MPG, and has zero emissions. And check this (from, a company that sells natural gas):


“NGVs (Natural Gas Vehicles) are as safe, or safer than any gasoline-powered vehicle. There are over one million NGVs in use around the world, and without one fatality attributable to natural gas, it’s the safety record is unblemished.”