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Gasoline, and I’m not talking about the Seether song.

July 10, 2008

( I sure would like to see that red line take a dip pretty soon)

Yesterday, Iran decided to launch a few missiles to show us what they’ve got. We get it Iran, you’re a powerful, scary nation that we shouldn’t take lightly. Because of Iran wanting to be the big bully that they are gas prices rebounded to well over $133 a barrel (up more than $5 from the previous day). Monday and Tuesday of this week the price per barrel fell by nearly $10 (it’s like watching a tennis match!).

I think OPEC needs to stop toying with our emotions. Just a few days ago I smiled with glee when I saw that my local gas station had dropped their prices by nearly $.05 cents per gallon (making me almost able to afford that shiny new Wii I want). Now, the idea of a Wii is out the window and so is my smile.

More about the missle to gas ratio this way


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