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How To Get The Family Involved (Otherwise Known As “Mom, Do I Have To?”)

August 4, 2008

How To Get The Kids In On The Act

With school getting back into full swing now is the perfect time to teach the kids a real life lesson in economics. First explain to the them the mechanics of extra cargo meaning loss of MPG. We all know that school brings extra activities and extra cargo and extra cargo means loss of MPG. Offer to increase their allowance with part of your savings at the pump if they remove the soccer equipment, basketball gear or whatever extra cargo they need to carry inside anyway. Show them the difference at the pump and explain that it adds up every time you visit the gas pump. They get the benefit of learning responsibility as well as economics and you get the benefit of not only fuel savings but a clean car to boot.

The borrowed truck

June 26, 2008

So the other day I go to fill up my buddies truck, which I borrowed to move some stuff out of storage.  I use the ATM thingy and I go back to texting or emailing or whatever it was I was doing. Anyway, after a while, the pump stops, so I figure it’s full, right? Pump says $75.00 so it must be. I drive away, and glance down at the fuel gauge only to see it’s only ¾ full. Insane.


It got me thinking, is there a way to get more for your dollar? A bit of research, and here’s what I came up with: Fill up in the morning. You see, gas expands in warm weather, so if fill up in the AM when the temperature is cooler, you get denser fuel that contains more energy per gallon. In other words, fill up when it’s cool to get more bang for your gasoline buck!